Extending Gameplay…?

It’s dangerous to let me loose on the game…I get carried away. Hmm well here is a(n awful) video of what I thought we could add to the stadium level to extend playing time!

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My writeup

Hey everyone, just to let you know that my writeup is now mainly focusing on control/ authorship (i.e. ‘author god’)/ narrative… with the animations as an example of complete control from the author/ designer (only flexible to the users interpretation, but with a set path/ beginning and ending) and the the game as a more grainy, open ended, not everything works kind of thing, both in relation to the designer and user exprience. With this as my key tie, I will still relate this to ideas of identity/ gamespaces and interactivity throughout.

I don’t have a set title yet, but if in anything you’re reading anything surrounding the above ideas pops up then give me a shout! 🙂

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Super Strike Advertises….to your ears!

Can’t decide whether any musical figure is needed for the last level…? I’m pretty happy with it as is but would welcome any suggestions!

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Super Strike Advertises!

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More noise…

Definitely NOT finished…but to give you a taster:

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Final Stadium Animation

Fiinally rendered & together. I’ll dropbox it when I get home.

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How does this sound…?

Here’s the urban level animation sounded up! If there’s anything you think is a bit off/too loud/quiet/generally crap- let me know & I’ll take a stab at fixing it!

Something went a little awry with timings when I uploaded the Beach animation which I’ll try to fix now…Watch this space!

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