Possible Logos

The options are:

I can always make more, so lets have a vote next meeting?

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3 Responses to Possible Logos

  1. HelenMiles says:

    My vote goes to Possible-logo8 it’s energetic and slick…could do with some flowers and butterflies to really butch it up though. 🙂

  2. I think I’m liking logo 10 the best, with 8 a close second as I like the way the writing swoops with the design in 8, though I also kinda like the contrast in that it doesn’t ‘go with the flow’ in 10, as it stands out as digitally & strong.
    Is there a way to make a couple of the lines ‘beady’ like the blue lines on logo 9? As I kinda like that cos it’s DNAey/ digitally. Though if it looks shit we don’t need to 🙂
    I like the font style on logo 2, though the font we decide on will depend on what we call ourselves and how that looks.

    That’s what I’m thinking!

    Other than stressing over interview presentations I’m now just tinkering on urban animationings.

    Unfortunately I’m working 2pm-5pm tomorrow…. which sucks as it’s when we should meet, but I can’t turn down shifts atm :-/. It’s possible I’ll be working Friday morning, though am free at all other times to meet. From now onwards though my shifts should be fairly stably mondays & thursdays 4pm-6pm, so shouldn’t interfere. Please don’t fire me… xoxox

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