Umm… well here it is this time

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Possible final Jeff explosion

As you can see, this has been quite a fun procrastination from essay writing.

I’ll see if this can play behind the credits without them become unreadable. If not, it could go just before, though that could mess up sound, in which case it can just go at the very end as a little extra treat!

Any thoughts, lemme know…


PS. I hope this is not too painful for you Mathisse (mmummmmmmm save me muumm KABOOM!!!)!!! No?

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Jeff exploding!

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Warped ideas…

Jittery sandcastle for the Warped level?

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Move me!

Hello- so I’ve been up to my (new) tricks again: I’ve managed to get the camera moving back/forth in the urban level…hopefully to a degree that will help rather than hinder game-play. As you can see it’s not much of a movement but it’s enough for a change of listener perspective!

Also for your enjoyment, the plane on the beach level- with rotating propellor! 🙂

(please ignore missing part on the back of the plane!)

Please don’t let me get too carried away making things move…it’s fun- but it could become quite distracting! 😮

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Blender Love/Hate, for writeup

Could bring up some valied reasons/ limitations as to why we used/ struggled to use Blender.

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Working around limitations for sound in the GE

To get a more 3D feel when playing the game I attached a 3D, looping engine sound to the blimp object and then applied an ‘always’ sensor to a simple motion actuator. As you play the game you should be able to distantly hear the blimp circling the stadium.

This video shows the view from above ( you can just about see Jeff doing his thing on the pitch below!

This testing is also making me very good at actually playing the game too!

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